Monday, May 01, 2006

New New Bronze Medal

And so we return!

Hello once more, Dear Readers! Fear not, we are still in residence here, just that things have been rather hectic what with the amount of work that has not decreased since the last time we met. I wouldn't mind if I'd done absolutely nothing, but I've worked and worked and worked on things and seem to be getting nowhere. It's just NOT coming together, and thats annoying! It seems either I'm really not getting things, or I'm making things far too hard for myself, or a mixture of both! Eitherways its not particularly good.

I expect you're all dying to hear my opinions on the New Who (or should that be the New New Who?!?), and I hope the following comments on New Earth will provide an introduction. I was planning a big review of each episode, with full analysis and such, but at the minute I haven't got the time or energy to do so. So I duly apologise for that, and can only offer to improve as time progresses onwards. In summary though, I have been exceptionally impressed with all three episodes so far: Tennant and Billie are firing on all cylinders, the stories are fantastic and more ambitious than last year. I can only speculate about how far the series will go because, as we know from last year, they just got bigger and bigger as the season went on! The special effects have been great by and large, a few of the more ambitous effects still look a little unbelievable, but it's still the most unique thing on TV in my opinion. Let's just hope it gets that BAFTA when the time comes...

There are things I wanna talk about, as they may help me calm down and take them in, but I can't at the moment as I don't wanna tempt fate and blow them. Suffice to say that they're the reason why I seem a strange mixture of happiness and nervous adrenalin at the moment though.

New Earth

An ambitous, well-realised, if rather busy beginning to the new series. In short, they tried to do too much in the one episode. What with the hospital itself, Cassandra, the Plague Carriers, the Face of Boe and the Cat Nurses there was just a little too much going on, and it was only after the second viewing that I managed to take it all in. The problem was that a lot of the main narrative thread - the horror of the Plague Carriers and their subsequent release - was lost as it came too late on and wasn't fully realised. Not that it was badly directed, quite the contrary, just came and went too quickly.

The humour was there though! I couldn't stop laughing at the ongoing joke about the shop! And I liked the bits with the lift and disinfectant as well. The constant swapping of Cassandra into various bodies got a little tedious after some initial funny exchanges (I'm thinking of when she first transferred into The Doctor's body especially), but was, in the end, essential to her realising what had to be done. The Face of Boe stuff was 'text-book enigmatic', and sets things up nicely for their next encounter. All in all a solid, if busy, start to the season, and a great place to lift off from!

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