Saturday, December 09, 2006

"The Great Journey of Life continues"

Hello, Dear Reader. How are you? So it's been a while since our paths crossed and I hope that all is well in your field. The reasons for our avoidance? Well, that can be boiled down to the fact that I'm trying to do three things at once presently (PhD, seminar teaching, work for Disney) I have very little free time. I've not even had the chance to begin to appreciate the wealth of Cult TV I received for my birthday. Ah, I look forward to a few days engaging with these programmes over a whiskey and lime. Nice.

Anyways, below are some photos of my travels and escapades over the last few months. I hope you enjoy them. If not then that's fair enough. There were supposed to be a couple of Kieran included here, but due to her request they have been excluded. Instead you get the usual photo of Newton Abbot clock tower, just without the tale concerning the Portreath of Newton Abbot, as I'm sure you've heard that enough times by now. Ages ago, I was going to heavily criticise the NME's 'Cool List' for the forthcoming year, but as I could only think of about five people I'd put on such a list I didn't bother. If anyone is really that interested, I can impart that information, but it's not that important in the grand scale of space and time.

The Grates playing live @ Cardiff Barfly. Needless to say, they were fantastic.

Patience from The Grates. The coolest woman in rock.

Meeting Alana and Patience from The Grates after they'd played in the Barfly, and looking rather pleased about it.

Ed attempts to impersonate Kenneth Williams. It's still not as good as my Don Corleone. Or Sean Connery. Or Ali Campbell. However, I now get violently attacked for doing these impressions when in the company of this man.

C-Rod after one too many Magners. I think by this point the conversation had passed on to some rather coarse subject matters.

Newton Abbot Clocktower. I expect they've closed that branch of the Alliance and Leicester by now, and don't ask what's probably become of that woman...

Tom, Laura and Kaz.

Enjoying a night out with Kaz and Tom. I honestly can't remember how long it'd been since I saw them both but it was, as usual, a pleasure.

Darren does his best impression of Elvis.

A manly hug from The D.A.Z. on my birthday. We went to an Italian restaurant that was run by a stereotypical Italian chap. I think he thought we were famous for some reason.


Newbs said...

Nice one Ross! Looks like you need a lot of Patience!!!!

Cyber Control said...

Dude, you should listen to The Grates. They're awesome.

Targetman said...

I only get violent as I am trying to save the world from the tripe that is your impressions!

Newbs said...

With a name like that, I bet they "grate".....