Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Getting Out the Childish Things

Good day, Dear Reader. Well it's been a while, has it not? I think I make it about seven months in total. Now, seven months is a long stretch of time and many things can happen to someone over the stretch of that time-period. This, however, will not be a long recourse through those last few months. They are lost to the annuals of history, probably never to be retrieved by anyone other than if someone wants to right my autobiography, which will be a thoroughly disappointing read peppered with the occasional witty observation about Devon. Neither, sadly, will this post cover an in-depth overview of Season Three of Who. That particular job can be summed up in the following statement: "It was awesome aside from the last two episodes". In short, we started with hilariously cack space-rhinos, moved onto epic witches, the return of the Macra (!) and the moving death of the Face of Boe, the Daleks making me scream with excitement as they evolved and then sigh as the second episode was a let down, a poetic study of wanting to live forever, quite possibly the piece of drama Who has produced since 'Caves of Androzani', THE greatest episode of the series (and perhaps since it came back), a thrillingly exciting chase and re-introduction of an old face (minus the beard an annoying heh-heh-hehing), and then John Simm being let down by bad uses of music and not really knowing what to do with DT and Captain Jack. There we are, Season Three in a nutshell.

Anyways, the subject matter of this post is to discuss the great news that Character, the company responsible for producing those rather awesome plastic figures related to the series, are to start producing figures from the 'classic' series. I fell of my chair when I heard this. I can't believe it. So in short, here are my 5 nominations for figures that should be included in the range of 'classic' Who merchandise:

5. Ace.
Ahhh, lovely Sophie Aldred immoratlised forevermore in plastic. Yes, there is a slightly creepy subtext to that comment, it's not intentional.

4. The Emperor Dalek from 'Evil of the Daleks'.
It's a real shame that this story doesn't exist anymore as it's awesome, and the photos that exist of the Emperor Dalek make it look fantastic, just for the fact that it doesn't look that Dalekesque (is that a word? If not, I'm copyrighting it). Would fit in quite nicely with the new series as well.

3. Soldeed and a Nimon.
There could be kids playing in the street going "Lord Nimon! Lord Niiiiiiiimon! It is I! Soldeed!". Imagine that. I don't think I'd ever be able to stop laughing! I'd have to go up and congratulate said child for doing so! At which instance I'd probably get arrested by their mother on the accusation of being a Paedo.

2. Sharaz Jek.
Best written villain of the old series? Possibly, he's definately up there, apart from the fact that he wasn't evil! Morgus was the real villain of the piece, Jek was the man after revenge after being betrayed. Brilliant performance as well that deserves being immortalised in plastic, even if he does look like he might be dressed in a gimp costume nowadays. But think, the mask could come off revealing the disfgurement beneath. Now that would be cool...

1. Scaroth.
Oh come on! Like you didn't see that one coming! It would be the coolest thing ever. Again, he should come with a removable head that reveals the green cyclops beneath. Kids could get well acquainted with providing concise answers, noting that nobody could be as stupid as he seems, and taunting futile earthlings who believe they are the upmost authority on temporal theory. I'd buy one straight away! In fact, I'd buy three, and one for my niece, and... Oh, I dunno. But I'd find some other people to buy one for.


Talk Show Host said...

Ah, those good old "annuals of history" lol. How funny that you should return to your blog today, as just last night I started to revisit mine!

Anonymous said...

what about bertie bassett? lol