Friday, October 28, 2005

A Bit of BBC, If You Please

Right, I think it's time we called for a bit of standards on the comments page attatched to here. After all how old are we all? Surely far to old to be descending in to silly comments of 'And your mum' when we can't think of anything clever to say. So from now on, we'll have less of that. It's juvenile and silly. Although having said that, I can't help but recall a trip to Tesco with an old housemate's mum. Oh, that was funny! The people involved know who they are...

Anyways, in mentions of all things BBC, I'm going to meet Russell T Davies at a book signing tomorrow. I'm quite nervous about it, but quite excited at the same time. I bet I say something stupid to him; I'm currently replaying the whole of Robot in my head for some reason, and the words 'Think Tank' keep appearing in my subconscious. Don't worry though, it's nothing to do with a Blur album. Have decided I'm gonna wear my Tom Baker hat though. Oh, and whilst we're on the subject of our good Time Lord, can I just mention the three National Television Awards picked up mid-week. Well deserved by all the recipients and to claim them in ITV's backyard as well? Stunning.

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