Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Edge of Forever

I'm gonna be straight with you because, whilst I always believe in being honest with people, this is really scary. Tomorrow I start my Masters, and whilst I'm anxious in relation to a few factors (communting, time (then again I always seem to have anxieties in relation to time which I accredit to being lost within the Who universe)) I feel as though in no context can I f**k this up, whether that be socially or professionally. Obviously, I'd rather mess things up sociallly than professionally, as that's just me, but either way would be a major discrepency. After all, in relation to the social side of things, it was only after three years of being anxious within Undergraduate studies that I actually got to talk to most of the people that made me nervous, and they all turned out to be fantastic. I can't let that happen again. Anyways, It seems much more about Networking within the Academic world; making sure you know people going in to different institutions, and hoping they won't slag off your work. Granted someone's gonna play John Snow, but hopefully not someone you know...

OK, so this is all middle-class angst, and not as relevant as the needs of the working-class etc. Yes, I know and realise this but it, still affects me. There are still people I wish to see, and miss, from the Old Days, whether they be old housemates or friends long departed. Eitherways, when you're looking back, as well as forward, as well as presentley, it leaves you in a mess in relation to time. For whilst forever is open, the present is there to manipulate, and the past lays paths to the discourses that made you what you are.

Oh, on an indie note, Maximo Park's new release Apply Some Pressure, is well worth a listen, if only for the last four lyrical lines.

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