Friday, September 30, 2005

On Being in a Seinfeld Mood

And so the debate rages on as to whether City of Death should be the Christmas DVD release, with the masses still demanding Genesis. Just one glance at the BBC website pays testament to this. I did fancy publishing a post pleading for Timelash, but even I cannot stoop so low as to try and wind up my beloved Who brethren. In all seriousness though, please can we have Greatest Show in the Galaxy next year? Please, BBC. Err, I'll be your best friend (?!?) Wait, this is all getting rather childish, I'll stop. I'm simply conforming to stereotypes if I continue that train of thought. Personally though, I welcome CoD to DVD, it'll definately be on my Christmas list. After all, being an analyst, and that being a televisual text, our two lines of work do dovetail very nicely!

Hmmm, so how is life? Life is good, thanks! A lot better than this time last week, I'll put it that way. I've done muchos readingos for the commencement of my course next week, and even potentially come up with an idea for my dissertation: it involves tackling the problems of making television drama for a global audience, by analysing the 1996 Who Tv Movie within the generic contexts of American and British television drama and drawing reference to such expectations related to elements such as the single play, the TV Movie and, naturally science-fiction, whilst paying attention to how these are played out within the text and the way they set up expectations for audiences within different cultures. In short, I seek to prove that even in today's globalised television society, it's impossible to make drama to satisfy a global audience. May even be able to work in some discussion and/or analysis of the new series as well! This all came to me on Monday night, after successfully completing my first sudoku, after six months of trying. Its times like that when I truly do kick ass.

Oh yeah, and a quick note to anyone who fancies kidnapping me: I found out in Devon that I can easily fit in the boot of a Peugeot 106, with the parcel shelf in and the door shut, and breathe perfectly well. Thus, if anyone does fancy abducting me, you won't need a fancy car.

Ultimate Chat Up Line for Goths:
"I like the way your organs are decaying."

CyberControl's Favourite Tunes:

22 Grand Job by The Rakes
Going Missing by Maximo Park
Sit Down, Stand Up by Radiohead
Swallowed in the Sea by Coldplay
All These Things That I've Done by The Killers

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Jay J said...

Ross, I didn't even know you were doing a Masters this year. What a rubbish friend I am. I take it it's in Cardiff? Okay, I'll email you.