Thursday, September 15, 2005


So that was it. Terminus. However, there were no revelations that we onboard the leper ship, nor that everyone was going to die (for one reason or another), nor was there any mention of Lazar's Disease. Instead, there was a strangely moving, almost sombre, atmosphere to my departure in to the world of unemployment, and then, soon, in to the saving arms of academia. A few manly handshakes, a card with pleasent words dispersed inside, and some strong, inspiring words from my superiors, all made for an unexpected end to my days with directory enquiries. Whoever thought this retiring, nervy sf fan, with a habit of making stupid observations (often involving badgers) when in team meetings, could elicit such a response from people? In short, I never realised I meant that much to my peers. I always thought I was just a bit of wallpaper: turned up, fitted in, didn't draw attention to itself and was easily replacable. However, over the last few months I have come to feel as though some people in that place have helped awaken a certain part of me I never knew existed. A part of me that is confident in my own abilities, that recognises I'm not the tragic waste of space I always proclaim I am, and that I'm someone with the passion and motivation to go and do whatever I want. Yes, I'm still very much aware that, at the most basic level, I'm a pile of rotting organs; matter that was decaying from the moment it was awoken, doing so at a rate slower than that of animals but quicker than that of the universe. However, when we come to time, everything is relative. Anyways, for that I'm truly grateful, and there's always the leaving celebrations, even if they are two weeks away.

So where from here? Immidiatley, I'm needed elsewhere. What with the hurricane currently blowing through my family, I feel it's my duty to go home and try and steady the ship to the best of my abilities. I think that's a direct consequence of being a Whovian: the show gives you a great feeling of responsibility and morailty, of standing up, and trying to do the 'right thing', if such a thing can ever truly exist. For my parents, I think they could do with some irreverance to take their mind off things, and I know I'm the person for that, whilst with regards to my sister, I've gone from feeling that she's back to the person she used to be, to a feeling of just not knowing her at all, in the space of aproximately three weeks. Who knows, I may even once more encounter the Portreath of the Borough of Newton Abbot whilst I'm back! In all honesty, I never knew the place had a Portreath, nor that Newton Abbot was a Borough, but we all live to learn and strive towards enlightenment. Moreover, its all very Castrovalva. Yet, although I may be going back, in the words of the Bluetones, it's just for a short while. Moreover, whilst I am going back, I've lots of work to do. Subsequently, that can only mean one thing: they better have plenty of tea in.

"Up until this moment, I'd only ever wanted to see one thing: you naked. Well, that and Arc of Infinity, but at this precise point in time, Omega can wait."

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