Tuesday, November 22, 2005

On Having Nothing Much to Say

"People when they change their minds, it's a tell-tale sign
That they don't know what to talk about
" (The Bluetones, 1996)

I'm writing this as I've been prompted by a fan (yes, we do have one) to write an update. However, the problem is I've really got very little to report about. You can interpret that in two ways: either I've got into tunnel vision in respect to writing about public service broadcasting and so can't think about anything, or, my life is that dull that the only thing I can think about is public service broadcasting. Focused or dull? The choice is yours, dear reader. Obviously I'd prefer if you sided with the former, as no-one likes having their worst fears confirmed.

I should, however, have lots to comment on. Firstly, there was the special Who for CiN, which was pretty good. Now some fans have reservations over extended TARDIS scenes - personally speaking I don't know why - but that's fandom for you. Anyways, despite being a bit underwhelmed after first viewing (there were a couple of really bad cuts within the editing), further viewings changed my opinion: I thought Billie was ace (as per usual) and Tennant was equally as good. It was good to see that he's still got the same intensity that Eccleston brought to the role (i.e. the scene when he was explaining to Rose about the first time they met) but I think he'll do the quirky humour a bit differently, perhaps more in the style of Tom. That, however, is in no way a slur against Chris though. I've been a fan ever since Shallow Grave of the man's talents and will miss him not occupying the role.

Secondly, I went to the switching on of the Christmas lights in Cardiff last week, with Tennant and Billie. It was a pretty good time really. Cold, and there were loads of screaming kids running around the place, but aside from that it was good. Learnt some interesting things about the forthcoming series (sinister Christmas Trees, werewolves) and the company was good, as were the fireworks actually.

Hmm, this seems wierd writing when there's nothing to write about. Instead it just turns into an extended version of those diaries you always had to write on a Monday morning at primary school. I've not even got anything profound to talk about, nor are there any tracks I feel the need to promote. I was in a shop the other day that was dreadful, but I stayed in there for a while as they were playing Maximo Park. Not really that exciting is it?

"Time moves on, but all along, we've always known
It's never going nowhere
" (The Bluetones, 2003)

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