Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Best

(Left to Right: Head of Wood, Cyber Control, Colonel K, Lady Elizabeth, "Hot" Rod Chrisway)

(Left to Right: Captain Yash, Major Tom)

(The D.A.Z. - Looking a little camp)

"Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat. Where have you been?"

Right, first of all, I'm not a cat, but in answer to your question I've been all over the shop. Both mentally and physically. First of all, there was a birthday for Yours Truly. Unfortunately it came just at one of those moments when your base falters a little and you have a shift in confidence. I'm still feeling bad about getting drunk and having a good old whinge about Life, the Universe and Everything. I don't like myself when I get like that, and I feel especially bad when it happens around the people that I value the most and yet haven't seen for bloody ages. Nonetheless, it was amazing to see everyone again, and I strongly hope we can all get together more often than we do. Just a shame that everyone ended up feeling lousy on the Sunday and the boiler broke down. Mental note to self though, after having fulfilled one of life's ambitions and slept in a bath, I wouldn't recommend it again. It's like sleeping in a slightly moist coffin.

Aside from that I've been to Londondinium to watch The Rakes, who were very good, and Editors, who were the most exciting live band I've seen in a long time. This all coincided with seeing Franz Ferdinand as well, who were pretty good if you like that sort of thing. Then I got fed up of living in a cold house, and so went back to see the Folks for a weekend, which was a nice way to let off a bit of steam and talk a few things over. Me, talking to my folks! I never thought that day would come. If you add in the numerous trips between here and Bristol I've been making, it could be said that I'm currently a well travelled man. All that and the great news that an old friend is moving back this way in the New Year! It must be the lure of seeing David Tennant in the flesh. Still, reasons to be cheerful!

Finally though, a big thanks to everyone that was present on the weekend of the 26/11. Without a doubt, those were the winning days....

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