Thursday, January 12, 2006

TV Times Circa 1970-Something

So then, after all that Lost petered out with more of a whimper than a bang if you ask me. I mean, how obvious was it that they'd open the hatch and then it'd end? Add in some over-sentimental recap footage over who was on the plane and it was all just a little disappointing. It was, to me, as though it had been written as two catch-up episodes for anyone who'd missed most of the series and wanted to know what was going on. I suppose that's the problems of commercial television: having to make sure that your series is always open to new viewers.

It seems to be a time for new tv at the moment. However, I'm not sure if I'm following it all correctly; I completely missed the point of Life on Mars by the sounds of things, and have also lost my excuse for watching The O.C. by not being able to shout 'Jim' at the guy who played Jim Robinson from Neighbours for an hour. It seems I'm gonna either a) have to stop watching it, or b) admit that my only reason for watching it really was the rather lovely Rachel Bilson. Then again, is there anything wrong with that? I mean the show is crap. I used to like Dawson's Creek, and I genuinely admit to that. There was something cool about all that angst and cod-philosophising. Then again, I could watch DC again now and think it's crap. Yet, in all honesty, The O.C. has neither angst nor philosophy. It just has a very hot girl and a guy who talks in an ironic manner about Star Wars.

Why has telly become so full of reality tv and rubbish so nearly in the New Year? I mean, MTV2 has even shifted Gonzo so I can't keep up with what's new. How am I supposed to keep up with all that's new and indie if there's no show on? Having said that, if the only 'decent' stuff around at the minute is that god-awful Arctic Monkey's track, then I don't really wanna know. I'll go back to something else I think... Right then, Pyramids of Mars and some old Toto CDs it is. Unless anyone else can think of something else?

"Friday Nights have been lonely. Change your plans and then phone me"

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Savage said...

Tv is pretty crap recently id admit.

Thank the lord for the beautiful game.