Sunday, February 12, 2006

Feeling Strangely Fine

I feel rather strange writing to you from where I am now for a number of reasons. Firstly, I should be at the pub quiz, but due to circumstances outside of my control that's been cancelled. The more frustrating thing is I spent a good hour yesterday afternoon compiling a list of witty team names. Yes, I was that bored but there's always problems deciding on what to call ourselves and so I thought I'd make a pre-emptive strike. My personal favourite was 'Handbags for House Plants' but there were a few other gems as well.

Secondly, I feel strange writing here at the minute as (gasp) I've done all of my work for the weekend! I've finished an essay, done a pointless PowerPoint presentation and done my seminar preperation, all with Sunday afternoon to spare. Thirdly, I went to a very strange place last night for a few drinks. It went by the name of 'Tiger Tiger', but I can think of a better word to replace the aforementioned animal with (Crap? Or maybe something a little stronger?). The place was a hodge-potch of various styles inported from Ikea, stretched across three floors, with the kind of service you'd expect in a KFC but not in some 'classy' bar. I was stood at the bar once for about ten minutes whilst some chap tried to remember how to make a cocktail, whilst at another it took about the same amount of time to get one bottle of Bud. Bejesus! It still doesn't beat Sugar as the worst place in Cardiff, nor does it beat Enigma in Newton Abbot as the definition of Hell, but it's pretty crap and over-priced. Well, at least they played a little bit of Lionel at one point. I say a little as it was one of those annoying places that only ever plays half a song.

Alright moan over, so what else we got? Not a lot really! Life seems to be moving at a pace quicker than I care to realise, and I'm not sure whether that's because I've become lost in what I'm studying, whether I'm just blissfully unaware of anything that's happening, or maybe just somewhere between the two. It's something that I've gotten used to though, a general feeling of being a little lost. It's kind of though you're stood completely still on a street whilst everyone and everything rushes past you and you try to calm them down. Much like the experience of being in Bristol Temple Meads at 8:15 in the morning.

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