Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rose-Tinted Theories

"And like that, she was gone"

OK, so I realise that that quote was made in a different context (and actually about a male character) but it somehow seemed like a good choice. Yes, Dear Readers, as you're probably aware, we have just two weeks left with Rose Tyler in the TARDIS, and I for one shall miss her presence. I'll hold my hands up and admit that I was amongst the "What the hell are they doing casting her?" brigade when the news was announced, but it's always nice to be proved horribly wrong. And how Billie has done so. Whoever would've thought that two years down the line we'd be so fearful of her departure. I can pinpoint exactly the moment when I knew everything was going to be alright: The Unquiet Dead, scene where the Doctor and Rose are trapped in the basement and she turns to him and says "We go down fighting, yeah?". Brilliant. Anyways, goodbye Billie, all the best for the future and you'll be missed in the World of Who.

So in light of Rose's imminent departure, and as I know none of the spoilers, I thought I'd add my little thoughts as to what might happen to the character. They shall be classed under the headings 'The Obvious', 'The Gruesome' and 'What I'd Do'. That way you can evaluate what my responses and add your own comments.

The Obvious

The obvious way of handling things is that Rose sadly dies. Whether this be saving the Earth or in some horrible manner is open to interpretation, but it seems the fairly straightforward way to handle things. You see, this way it means that Rose can (theoretically, this is SF remember) never return and the Doctor can go back to his angsty, thoughtful self a la Series One. This time it'll be a bit more emotive though, as we'll all know why he feels that way and empathise with him. Those of us who remember the Old Days may well have felt it hard to empathise with the loss of the Time Lords, as they were corrupt, boring people and (Omega aside) weren't a great loss to the galaxy. However, the chance to see Tennant constantly calling up that sense of loss in the Doctor that Eccleston managed last year seems a tantilisng prospect, as I've really enjoyed those scenes where he feels responsible for someone's death (i.e. Scooti in The Impossible Planet).

The Gruesome

Rose becomes a Cyberman! A horrible way to go (and a slight cop-out seen as though they've already done that with Alternative Jackie in The Age of Steel) but what a great reaction shot that would make, the Doctor having to realise what has become of her! Of course, there's always the possibility that she doesn't become a Cyberman but instead becomes something else (not giving any spoilers away), but the basic premise that this essentially good-hearted character becomes something inherently evil is a nice idea.

What I'd Do

OK, wild theory time but what I'd do is this: it was mentioned in Love & Monsters (shudder) that Rose's file was in Torchwood somewhere under the heading of 'Bad Wolf' something. What if Rose were to be committed to scientific/medical research in some way? Imprisoned by Torchwood (don't forget, Captain Jack is on modern day Earth and it's plausable he could have told of the 'Bad Wolf' scenario) and unobtainable, the organisation plans to experiment on her to gain the secrets of the 'Bad Wolf'. We've already seen that Torchwood are a bit power mad and willing to kill to further the progress of Earth in The Christmas Invasion so I reckon that'd be a really cool thing to do. Imagine the final scene where the enemy is defeated, only for Yvonne and some guards to drag Rose off somewhere and leave the Doctor helpless! That'd be immense, and allow for the return of the character, perhaps even in some elevated version.

You see, I should be writing for the series...

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