Thursday, July 06, 2006

Speed of Light

Hello, Dear Readers. What a strange time this currently seems to be, when there are so many things going on that at the moment that you feel as though you've not really got the time to dedicate yourself to anything other than that which is really important to you. So there'll just be a brief mention of England's less-than-glorious exit from the World Cup. At the time, I wasn't surprised as I'd been saying for a while that the first decent team they had to play would see the end of them. However, Portugal proved to be less than decent, and that didn't stop my final reaction to England's exit being a mixture of anger and disappointment at the fact that, when it mattererd, the team didn't perform for one reason or another. All that's left now is to hope that Italy win the tournament as they're playing good football. However, as the law of averages always proves, the best team never wins. If the team that played the best football won the amount of games they deserved, Exeter City would at least be in the Championship. Or is that just my own, completely unbiased opinion coming through?

I'm writing here from a position of safety it has to be said. I'm afraid, Dear Readers, that I have recently ventured in to the world of 'MySpace' despite being warned that it was full of fifteen year-old Emo kids with Fall Out Boy hoodies and ringtones. However, having toyed with MySpace, I have to admit it's not all it's cracked up to be. There was no chance to download the free music I was expecting, and instead all I'm faced with is mad Dashboard Confessional fans and obscure Cardiff-based metal bands wanting to add me to their mailing list. I got as far as trying to add Idlewild to my contatcts and then found the idea that Idlewild could suddenly become my 'Friend' both immensly cool and terrifying at the same time.

What also of the series finale of Who? How amazingly brilliant is it going to be? What is the Black Dalek? What is the Genesis Ark? How great was Army of Ghosts? How greatly did it restore your faith in both the scope and scale of the series, and RTD's writing? I can't wait for the final episode it's fair to say. Plus we have a new companion already recruited, although she won't be in the Christmas Special. As well, we have rumours abound about returning villains for next season: The Ice Warriors. I'm a bit ambiguous about that news to be honest. Whilst their name as 'Ice Warriors' was suited for their first story (they were in the Antarctic after all), the stories featuring them after that one made no reference to their 'icy' status. In short, I'm not sure what they'll do with them, and think either The Sontarons, The Sea Devils, The Silurians or maybe even The Borad (?!?) would be better for a return.

Just a quick note to say that things may go a little quiet around here in the next few weeks due to the fact that I'll be moving house soon. Unfortunately the time has come to depart this grand, open, if damp-ridden and cold-in-winter, palace. It won't be a sad departure as hopefully we'll be living somewhere even better, where I'll have a less gackily-shaped room that doesn't involve walking around crouched over in places. Oh, and somewhere where I can attatch a few posters on the wall would be nice.

Finally, I've started playing the guitar and writing once more! Hurrah! Well, whilst this may not be of any significance to you Dear Reader, it's something I've been meaning to do for ages. Since my old band broke up I really seem to have lost my way with music. However, I've decided to start writing songs again and try hard not to hit what I call 'The OK Computer Wall'. Basically, that train of thought works by listening to something really groundbreaking and then thinking, 'There's no way I could write anything like that, and if you can't better what's the point?'. A rather defeatest viewpoint I think you'll agree. Thus, the influences and frames of reference are staying firmly it what I know I can do well: R.E.M., Idlewild, and The Bluetones for now. Watch this space...

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