Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Strange Days

What a strange few days it's been, characterised by a building sense of melancholy and loss. What's even stranger is that you don't really realise it's happening until it passes. It started on Friday with the anniversary of the bombings of London. Now, it might appear a bit strange to think that, living in Cardiff, something like that could affect you. However, due to working for Directory Enquiries I unfortunately managed to experience most of it first-hand and it was less than pleasent. I remember people phoning up for the numbers of hospitals and places of work where their loved ones were supposed to be, unsure of whether they were even alive or where they were supposed to be and so on. That sense of uncertainty and panic was mixed with the sudden realisation that the people I knew in London might have been involved, so it was a pretty horrible feeling even though I wasn't there personally. Moreover, seeing the reports of people one year on and the memorials got under my skin for some undefined reason.

That sense of melancholy had a touch of disappointment added to it, due to the failure to find a new place to live. I suppose in all honesty I was quite looking forward to moving somewhere new but it now appears we're staying put. However, I can't believe the state of some of the places that are available for rent here. By far the worst was a place where the whole wall of one room was visibly damp, and just left there for everyone to see. Then there was a place with an elevator in it! I mean, who really thought that was a good idea (well, wheelchair access, naturally, but...)? Did manage to spark a memory of that movie Three Men and a Baby momentarily as I'm sure there was a lift in that. Did it have a rather elaborate painting outside of it? Come to think of it, how did the men come into possesion of the baby? And why? Sorry, I'm digressing. The point remains though that you would think that landlords would actually take a bit of pride in the presentation of their places to prospective tennants.

So couple this with the end of Who, and traces of academic cabin fever (i.e. sitting in your room thinking a lot, which eventually makes you go out of your tree as you get caught up in theory), and I was left possesing a feeling that's been more than a little strange. However, glad to report that normal service has now been resumed. Unsure where it went but, hopefully, it won't return. Perhaps I put it in the wardrobe with the Wardrobe Monsters, I'm sure they'll find a use for it.

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