Thursday, September 21, 2006

V for the Future

And so, it's now time to draw our quadrology to a close. Despite what you might think, that last post was not meant to be the glorious conclusion. It was instead getting something out of my head that had been lodged in their for a good few days, and aside from going outisde and shouting it out or writing it on my wall in some form I couldn't think of a better way to let it out. Bit like an annoying itch that needs a scratch. Still, it allowed for me to celebrate how great Idlewild are at putting their finger on abstract feelings once more.

The truth is, I'm not really sure how to bring our quadrology to a satisfying conclusion. It could end up like 'The Caves of Androzani', then again it could end up like 'Planet of the Spiders' (Obscure Who-related reference). Eitherways, all the things that could possibly be talked about, such as getting drunk in the back of a Ford Fiesta, kidnappings, inappropriate comments, faux-Led Zeppelin songs called 'Get Yr Arm In, Hairy Woman', and so on, seem both a little old and a little idiosynchratic: the kind of jokes that were hilariously funny at the time but when you try and explain them to other people just come across as a little lame. As a result, we're not looking backwards this time, but instead looking to the future with a sense of optimism and hope, which is always important. There'll always be the memory of a weekend in Stafford, followed by some days in Teignmouth, Newton Abbot and Exeter that won't be forgotten easily.

It's been a good week. Still quite busy as there has been a lot to catch up on that got pushed aside what with finshing my Masters dissertation. As a result, I feel as though I could do with an extra week before this whole PhD malarky starts up on Monday. Nonetheless, I'm getting a real sense of 'returning home' just walking around the Bute building once more and the fellow postgrad students all seem cool. I still can't get my head around the fact that I'm actually going to achieve what I always set out to, as that's a little freaky. I suppose in that respect it's better that I've not had much time to let this all sink in as it may confuse me further.

So, to the future, Dear Readers! If I had a glass of wine handy I'd propose a toast, but it's still a little early in the evening for that. Let's hope that the next three years are as much fun as the last three at Cardiff Uni were.

CyberControl's Top 5 Songs for the Start of a New Adventure:

Gomez - 78 Stone Wobble
Idlewild - A Modern Way of Letting Go
The Grates - Sukkafish
The Bluetones - My Neighbour's House
R.E.M. - Gardening at Night

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