Monday, September 18, 2006

V for Visual

Craig, Stu and Myself sat in my tent on Saturday morning, awaiting the beginning of the V Festival. As you can note, everyone was very happy at this point in space and time.

And, despite the rain, all the smiles remained as the party made their way into the arena for a weekend of musical frivalties

Evidence of the Glow Sticks! Unfortunately, due to the lack of a substantial dance tent there was no chance to properly throw some shapes, but nonetheless this is Stu enjoying The Grates with some glow sticks.

Feeding Time (Lord)

A photograph taken during the aforementioned Barbeque Incident. I think it's important enough to warrant capitalisation now, Dear Readers. It was that much of an abomination.

Keane doing a very good job at being the best band of the whole weekend. I can't remember which song they're playing here...

...however, this was them definately playing 'Try Again' as, from memory, this was the only song they played where Tom played the piano as well. I think...

This is Beck playing on the Main Stage on Sunday. Unfortunately these photos are the only decent ones I have of bands playing at the festival, as I was too far back to get decent shots of people such as The Grates, Rufus Wainwright and The Beautiful South. Ah, the problems of using disposable cameras!

Three weary travellers awaiting to depart on the Monday morning. Note how the tone of the body language has drastically altered from the jovial looks of everyone seen earlier. It seems as though eye contact can barely be made between all members of the party.

"Hello. I'd like to talk to you about The Conservative Party."
This, Dear Readers, is the visualisation of an ongoing joke about Conservative Politicans. My Dad thinks its a work of comedy genius, but I think he's being a little over the top. It's supposed to be an impression of David Cameron.

David Cameron visits The Ness in Teignmouth. Unfortunately, it's not The Family Ness, as that would be cool, but they've not been spotted in Devon since the mid-1980s when a group of disgruntled fishermen attempted to sell them at the local fish market.

To fully appreciate this joke, you have to be familiar with the picture that adorned Morrissey's last single, which saw the singer looking disgusted at an ice cream. This, is a rather half-hearted attempt to recapture that image.

The pavement near the seafront in Teignmouth, accompanied by Craig's trainer. What a dedicated follower of foot fashion that man is!

I thought this man was dead. Instead, it turns out he works in a rather salubrious pub in Teignmouth that used to be frequented by Muse and looks like he should be in Metallica. Wierd.

Newton Abbot Clock Tower, looking quite picturesque in the early morning sunlight. It's not like that come the night, as there's usually some tramps and people having drank too much hanging around it. However, I did once meet the Portreath of Newton Abbot outside of the Clock Tower. Now, I never realised Newton Abbot had a Portreath and was quite impressed, continuing to ask him how one became the Portreath of Newton Abbot, which he duly explained. When I asked him if he'd ever been to Castrovalva, he looked very confused and walked away.

And finally, my Dearest Mother. Quite what she's looking so pleased about is beyond me but she'll be astounded there's a photo of her on the Internet. Good old Mumsy.


Talk Show Host said...

I have just viewed these pictures at work... and what a mistake that was, the library is absolutely silent and I am suffocating trying not to laugh! I'd forgotten about David Cameron, and am even more surprised that he's been put online - and also the one of Tom!! And quite true about the departure from V, lol.


Talk Show Host said...

Can you send me some larger versions through to my Yahoo email? I would really like to have all of the ones from V, and also the Teignmouth ice-cream one, if poss....... x

Cyber Control said...

Madam, consider your request carried out.

By your command.