Sunday, June 05, 2005

Neglecting my Responsibilities

Dear Reader, I feel as though I should perhaps apologise as it appears that somewhere along the way we've got a little lost. Not very good seen as though this has only been going a matter of weeks, is it really? It seems as though I've gotten rather bogged down with dwelling on questions of life and philosophy and thus neglected the true focus of this journal: Doctor Who! I never posted my review of The Doctor Dances, which is a shame as it was one of the most enjoyable pieces of television I've seen in ages, with an ending that bordered on the euphoric. Couple that with one of Richard Wilson's best-ever comedy lines - that from an advocate of Mr Meldrew and his One Foot in the Grave - and you truly had a great piece of family entertainment. However, that didn't prepare me for the immensity of Boom Town. I had fears about the episode in all honesty, bad pre-comments from the fan community hadn't helped, but perhaps when your expectations are lowered you're more open to surprise as this was fantastic. I'd waited eleven weeks for a good, thoughtful, well written character study and just when you aren't expecting it, along one comes and reminds you how great the series has been! Intellegently dwelling on the aftermath of a situation, and whether you could lead someone to their death, is the kind of story I'd have loved to have written for the show! Moreover, its good to see the series developing some new mysticism about the Doctor and, in this instance, the TARDIS as it breeds scope for the long-term direction of the show. Couple that with the fantastic intensity of Eccleston in places and you had a really unexpected treat.

However, there's news I've overlooked. Big news. In fact, its news so fantastic that it deserves the title of BIG NEWS. Oh yes, as of next year, they'll be back. Who? None other than the Cybermen! Hurrah! I'm so pleased as, after the fantastic work done in reinventing the Daleks, I can't wait to see what RTD and team will do with the Best Sci-Fi Villains in the History of TV Sci-Fi (TM). You dispute this fact? Well, the Borg completely ripped off the Cybermen all you Trekkies. Let's just hope for a nice bleak story showing how very evil they can be, and no car-headlights on the head if you please. I think its time we had a quote. After three: "We are called Cy-ber-men!" Think I'll go and watch The Tenth Planet shortly.

All I can hope for now is a third series, and judging by the intellegence displayed on Saturday, if by some strange occurance you're reading this Russell, sir, and fancy commissioning an intellegent piece on ethnic cleansing I have one by name of The Drowning Pool. Or if you're looking to bring back the Sontarons, I have a great idea for a story concerning them which engages with current debates surrounding cloning and faulty genes. In fact Faulty Genes sounds like a hell of title for the story. I'm rather awash with inspiration at the moment, as my other project is benefitting well from at present, but that's a different story.

All that and the trailer for Bad Wolf looked pretty good as well, apart from well done BBC for concealing the fact that the Daleks are back again. Not. If anyone has been irresponsible with this series, its been the dear corporation, and it does pain me to slate the best broadcasting organization in the world.

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