Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Reflection of Summers Past

"Pining for the moon/ and what if there were two
Side by side in orbit/ across the fairer sun?"

A favourite lyric from one of my all-time favourite songs. The kind of track that you want played at your funeral and that anyone who really knows you knows how much you love that particular track. It also seems relevant for the mood I've found myself in over the last couple of days, accenuated by a conversation I had with someone that went on to the small hours of yesterday evening. A slight lament for the past and a face you haven't seen for a little while but would like to in the near future. Yes, I'm feeling slightly reflective, but this is also probably due to the fact that I'll be encountering two good friends from Glorious Devon in the space of two days. As the mysterious "they" rightly observe, things happen all at once. Anyways, this has got me to thinking as to why we occasionally, or reguarly, look back to the past. Is it because we think that we've lost something, or someone, that meant something more to us than we realsied at the time? Or is it because we're so scared of what the future holds,and so would rather reflect on something that was safe? As Freud observed, it is the unknown, the uncanny, which is most horrific and perhaps that applies to many areas of life.

OK, Deep Thought off. Shall I condense this months DWM into a paragraph? No? Well, I'm gonna do it anyways. Series Two has two episodes with working titles: 'School Reunion' and 'Army of Ghosts'. So what do we gleam from that? Well, School Reunion would indicate to me that perhaps the Doctor takes Rose into the future, to see all her friends in ten or twenty years time. Not quite sure what the villany would be there, but perhaps there's something sinister working behind the scenes? Perhaps, Friends Reunited is actually run by aliens? As for AoG, well that sounds pretty epic, what with the word 'Army' in the title. So will the dead be rising from their graves in their hordes? Or perhaps it's a referance to ghosts from the past? Perhaps one character will have to face a number of faces from their history? Interesting...

Oh, and apparently my beloved Cybermen are in the directorial hands of James Hawes, who did The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances last year, which I'm pleased about. Slightly annoyed Mr. Harper won't be tackling them but nevermind. However, if this apparently forms Block One of shooting with The Christmas Invasion, does this mean we're gonna start the season with the guys? Two thumbs up from CyberControl if that is the case!

On a different note, I actually found justificaton for watching The OC this evening: George was making a cameo appearance. It's so much better than having to admit that, yes, you just want to ogle the lovely Rachel Bilson. Anyways, George's cameo was hideous. Instead of some profound musings on what inspires George, and where he got his ideas from, we get him musing on the importance of the American Prom and the cornerstones of American youth culture. Why George? Why? Anyways, I gotta hand it to that programme because, like Dawson's Creek before it, it may be hideously cliched and sickeningly saccherine, but the writing, story arcs, and characterization are so spot-on and well thought out that it deserves applause. The kind of things that the UK is really behind on in that respect. The episode wonderfully set up four or five narratives that occasionally inter-cut, but were satisfyingly resolved, with some original twists that at the same time left consequences for episodes still to come. That, I respect, or am I just seeking a way to justify a voyeristic appreciation of Ms. Bilson? Of course not, I'm a serious TV writer!

Finally, I'm getting worried I may have to invest in the new Coldplay CD. After four years of Chris Martin hating and generally dissing them for being overtly simplistic, I heard Fix You and again had to admit its ace. I'll still never retract my opinion on In My Sodding Place though.

"You/ I thought you knew me
You/ I can not judge"

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