Sunday, June 26, 2005

One Week On

It just feels so empty. So crushingly, disappointingly empty. I had a perfectly pleasent day yesterday, enjoying witty conversation with my parents and having to come to terms with a tricky dilemma when tackling the HMV sale: when faced with two from the list of either contemporary, respected electronica, a collection of horror films that are so appauling they border on genius, or three CDs of Phil, which one would you, or could you, sacrifice? Unfortunately Phil was the loser this time around, but I hope it'll only be for a little. Throughout the course of the day though, I managed to go the majority without even thinking about it, as long as we don't count watching The Awakening at 8am on UK Gold and my minor frustration at the price of a certain DVD in the previously mentioned sale.

And then it hits you. Its about 1815 on Saturday evening and rather than being a bundle of nerves and expectations, eagerly awaiting 1900 and that familiar theme tune, you're instead left with nothing. Skidaddle. Zero. In fact, what you've got is some new lottery-related quiz show or something. So you sit there, and you rack your brains for something to do but nothing comes. In fact, do you know what I was doing yesterday at 1900? I was assembling a chair! Yes, me. Mr. Truly Dreadful at DIY (Tm) was trying to fill the void left in his life left by the absence of Who by assembling furniture. From speechless geek to a hyper-exertion of masculinity in seven short days. Who said SF fandom holds us back? Oh, and the final irony: who was I listening to whilst indulging in my seat-related shenanigans? Phil, that's who.

So, with less Who to talk about during this fallow period, my attention shall have to turn to other shows to either celebrate or berate. First up, I've been meaning to sing the praises of MTV's Wonder Shozen for a while now. It's superb! Imagine the sicklyness of Sesame Street done for the disaffected, left-wing liberals of today and played completely seriously. So you get such wondeful asides as kids chasing Bankers (and yes, the pun/innuendo was intended) down Wall Street asking if they feel guilty about selling people down the river. Or such informative sections as 'D is for Drive-by Shooting' or 'S is for Suicide'. Absolute genius.

Something I was much less impressed with was when I had the misfortune to wander momentarily on to ITV2 this evening. Now, my hatred of those three initials, 'I' 'T' and 'V' in that order, is well-known but if the mother channel is one huge, steaming turd then its lesser-known sister is surely the televisual equivalent of diarrohea: the waste of the waste. I'm happy to report that this thesis was backed up by stumbling across the show Man Versus Beast, and yes, its exactly as it sounds. Men are pitted in various challenges against animals, and what did I have the 'pleasure' of witnessing? Fourty-four midgets, sorry 'small people' for the sake of political correctness, challenged to pull a jumbo jet across a set distance quicker than an Asian Elephant. Yes, you read that correctly. The midgets against the Elephant. Unfortunately, the small people were defeated and, at the end, the Elephant looked rather smug about this. Like it knew what was going on! Granted, this show was American, and the presenter was wearing a jacket with Fox emblazened across it, which is litterally like having 'crap' written on something, but for goodness sake! More worryingly so, Man was 4-2 down to Beast bythe end of the show so obviously we aren't as intellegent as we'd perhaps like to think. I can't wait for the British version, it could well be the much-needed humiliation of the population of Kent! I'd imagine they're the type of people who'd watch such drivel.

Crumbs, its gonna be a long six months until The Christmas Invasion. I did have a great idea as to how they could start the episode though: since RTD's first announcement about the Christmas special was along the lines of "Don't worry, we're not gonna do a Lovejoy and go to Prague", why not have the pre-credits sequence with the TARDIS arriving in Prague and DT coming out to announce something like 'Oh, Prague! Why on Earth are we here?" and then roll the credits. It'd be an inspired joke for the fans and adult viewers!

Once more dear reader, in my head it's funny.

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