Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Emancipating Capabilities of Technology?

Can I just start by saying, and I don't get the opportunity to say this that often, well done to my beloved Exeter City, you've made me proud. I'm wearing my shirt with great hope today, hope for the rest of the season and that we may go one way whilst those other idiots go down. No offence to the Conference, the matches I've seen have been better than a number of the old Third Division matches I saw us play, but it'd be nice to be 'Exeter City of the Football League' once more. Anyways, to come back from 1-0 down away from home, against a fancied side, and win is a great show of character. Let's hope it continues for tommorow against that bastion of footballing excellence that is Forest Green Rovers.

That aside, its been a tirsome weekend: 21 hours worked over three days, coupled with a disastrous encounter with modern technology have left me rather worn out. And to think it could've all been so much better! I'm happy to report that in the last year I've gotten over my technology issues, mainly due to my good friend, and pirate, Christopher Rodway who has shown me just how irrational my fears actually were. However, it's noticable that this encounter happened whilst he was away. The occurance was due to my need for a new printer; technology has progressed over time and subsequently my old one doesn't speak to the now-downsized Cyber Tomb. So gleefully I marched to PC World, spending a good amount of time weighing up a) what suits my needs, b) what I can get some money off and c) what looked a little sexy. I finally settled on a little gizmo that not only prints, but scans and photocopys as well! Fear not though dear reader, an encounter with my arse it will not be getting, no matter how drunk I get. I mean try explaining that to Customer Support. However, after looking like a right prat at the checkout, by managing to pick up the only box not corresponding to what I was looking for in a pile of what I was, I eventually got home and began to set up said device. However, it doesn't work. Not even after the fourth attempt of setting it up. Instead it's sat here, at my feet, smirking worse than Micheal Howard in last year's General Election campaign. What makes it worse is that a) sodding Hewlett Packard don't provide any form of support number, aside from a website that tells you exactly what the set-up brochure does, and b) I spent a good ten minutes on the phone to PC World, doing everything I've previously done once more, only to be told 'Nah mate, I think you've got a faulty piece of hardware'. Well done sir. Keep it up and the people at Nobel will be on to you with an award. It's no wonder people get so agitated...

Anyways, 'How was Friday night?', I hear you enquire, dear reader! Well, the pizza was good, the Dalek was even better, and the wine was cheap. I, however, was rubbish: after Who had finished, I was asleep within five minutes, only to be awoken about an hour and a half later by the dulcit sounds of MTV. I didn't even get as far as the Ghost Light DVD. Oh yeah, and you'll never guess which song said channel was playing when I awoke... Yes, it was Mariah sodding Carey's We Belong Together. If this happens once more, I'm taking a restraining order out against the bloody song.

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