Thursday, August 11, 2005

Plans and Schemes

As I sit here about to write the (probably, unless something amazing, or tragic, happens) last post before I return back to Devon to revel in the glory of my home town, I'm truly stuck for ideas. There's so much I could talk about, and yet, at a personal level, there seems so little. No one really wants to hear me slag off my job anymore. What's more in that respect, I've only got about four weeks before I leave and so feel a bit stupid moaning about something that's coming to an end. The main problem with that situation is, as with relationships, I seem to feel that if things are dying, why stay around to drag them out? Why not save the face of both parties involved and end it there and then? I suppose they really are two different things, but that's just a thought. On a different note related to work, why do you always spend the day with really appauling songs stuck in your head? I mean, there are perfectly good current offerings from Bloc Party and The Rakes that I could easily spend the day humming, but instead I seem to be left with two absolute hams. One is Mariah Carey's We Belong Together, which is played blanketly across all music channels after 11pm at nite, the other being some abortion of a track featuring the line "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" Well, judging by your video dear, no. I don't. You're not exactly Scarlett Johanson yourself. What I'd give to spend the day with a bit of Phil to hum along to. Maybe Follow You, Follow Me or Turn it On Again. Magic.

So what have I really been up to recently? Well, a little bit of soul-searching in respect to the usual Big Themes I like to muse on. However, I have also got back into writing some music over the past couple of weeks. Something I haven't done since the failed project Krycek disbanded about this time last year. Ah, Simon, we could have done so much. Well, at least been something other than another Nirvana tribute act in the Devon music scene. We'd have been a Radiohead one instead! Anyways, I've so far developed two tracks pretty well, calling them For Your Amusement... and Scarlet respectively. If I had to describe them, I couldn't because I'm crap like that. Imagine if Brian Molko and Billy Corgan watched some Who and then wrote some lyrics, whilst Idlewild, Suede, REM and Radiohead jammed in the background, throwing in some heavy-riffing at certain points as well. Think that's the My Chemical Romance influence coming through. In short, it's intense, and epic, but you wouldn't expect anything else from me, would you dear reader?

It's funny I should end up writing about stuff I've been writing, because looking back over the years, the amount of ideas, plans and projects I've conceptualised, but never seen through, is quite outstanding. For example, there was the Don't Waste Cake campaign of 1999, that saught to do away with wasted cake in bakeries. Then, more recently there was The International Language of Doing Nothing Well, which was supposed to be a way for all people, like myself, who felt a bit worthless to communicate with. This soon evolved into another small idea for the apathetic, titled The International Language of Doing Nothing, Well. Isn't it great what you can do with a comma here and there. Completely changes the focus of a sentence, and hence the scheme, doesn't it? It truly is wonderful the differences in meaning you can portray by just altering one word in a sentence. There was an exhibit about this at Tate Modern recently. Unfortunately, I didn't get to go but I bet it was ace.

I'd just like to think that some of current projects, or ideas, don't go the same way that Krycek, and all of the above, did and end up in the bin. It'd be nice if either my drama series (I'll Hate you Next September), my music (The Infinity Loop), or one of my Who stories ended up out there. I think the problem is, I get in the habit of thinking that what I'm doing is both pointless and crap, and so just leave it to rot away. I don't quite know how to get over these constantly creeping doubts. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be more than grateful. I'm bursting with so much creativity that it needs to find some form of outlet!

Fuck Dance, Let's Art


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Cyber Control said...

Great, I'm away for a week and the only person who's read this is someone trying to sell me wood. Thank you sir, but I'm not interested. I'm all pined out for now...