Thursday, August 25, 2005

Speed of Time

Ugh, Devon seems a long time ago, even though it really was only a matter of days. The trip itself was great: there was laughter, there was strangeness, there were reunions, there was some picking at old scars, there was Exeter City sitting comfortably at the top of the Conference with Torquay bottom of their league, there were conversations with random strangers, there was a worryingly large amount of dancing and there was the strange realisation that some things/people/events are bigger than you, and can affect you in ways that make you very nervous. Eitherways it seems like, well, an experience a million miles away...

I look forward to tomorrow evening, when I can collapse with a pizza, a bottle of wine and the BBC3 repeat of Dalek. That'll keep me going during another ten hour shift. After that I'll probably fall asleep seen as though I find it hard to stay awake after 10pm, and asleep after the witching hour. Maybe its all those Demons I've been watching recently. That's definately become one of my fave words at present: Demons. Its even replaced 'Hellbeasts' as the preferred way of descrbing all things nasty. It just implies so much: from psychological states to tacky Dario Argento films, via Super Furry Animals songs, in one fowl swoop. Hurray for Demons!

Told my employer I'm leavin today. It was like Hiroshima in a call centre.

Cyber Control's songs of the moment:

Editors - Blood
Simple Minds - All the Things She Said
The Strokes - What Ever Happened?
Coldplay - Fix You
Beck - Girl

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