Sunday, March 12, 2006

City of Knowledge

Dear Reader, I apologise for there being no Bronze Medal for a long time, but in all honesty things have been exceptionally hectic. I always knew March was going to be this way, a ndthings should calm down as of now. I've been filling in my PhD application recently and that's now almost done. Muchos Gracious is, once more, needed for the Man Much Greater Than I, but then again I should've known that would've been so in the first place. Anyways, I've been on my travels! It's hardly 'The Bronze Medal On Tour', but visiting Oxford has opened my eyes to the wonders of other places in Britain aside from Cardiff.

I went there to visit my good friend Anna, someone who I've grown very close to over the last few years and who I will always be eternally grateful to for the way she managed to get me to do some work towards the end of my A Levels. Following that logic, if it wasn't for her I may not be where I am at present, and hopefully from that you may realise why I always make sure I'm there to return the favour. Anyways, it was great to see her, and see the Radiohead Fan Guide to Oxford. It's the kind of tour/pilgrimage that only fans ever indulge in, taking in such exciting places as 'The Street Where They All Lived Together', 'The Park Where They Played a Really Big Gig', and 'The Restaurant Where Ed Used to Work'. Having said that, said restaurant did the best Cream Tea I've ever experienced. Seriously Dear Reader, if you're ever in Oxford, look out Brown's Restaurant and have a Cream Tea. If you're disappointed, let me know.

Oxford as a place rocks immensely. Its a place that's so beautifully designed it's hard to ignore. It's clean. It's got a wonderfully diverse array of independent coffee shops and book stores that sell things at cheap prices because they realise that everyone there wants to read and eat good cake. The buses work, and they don't cost a bomb to go ten minutes up or down the road. The people there are polite and friendly. The restaurants are good value for money, and the beer isn't too badly priced either.

The worst part was leaving. I always think it's good to leave visiting friends with a sense of melancholy as it means that although you've enjoyed yourself, you'd do a lot to have an extra half-hour in their company. You start thinking about the next time you may see that person, and make the effort to go back there. The ironic thing was that as the train pulled away from the station my iPod started with The Hollies and 'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother' which, aside from the gender issues, sums up my relationship with Anna.

I'm sorry if that all sounds a little gushy, but it's testament to how much of a good trip I had. I even tried to fix someone's computer (and, yes, failed), and got described as "sensible" and "nice". I usually don't like those words, but I'm really starting recognise their value in life. I suppose it depends who speaks them really.


Targetman said...

Did you find a 24 hour cream tea shop on your travels? That would have been cool...

Cyber Control said...

Alas no sir, although I think perhaps you've hit upon a novel take upon the late night food emporium trade